45 ideas on “ The essential difference between consonants and you will vowels ”

45 ideas on “ The essential difference between consonants and you will vowels ”

Vowel musical spelt which have “consonant characters”

Well-known one this is actually the page Y, weirdly entitled a good consonant letter despite mainly representing vowel sounds, during the terms and conditions such “my”, “duty” and you will “gym” (no, We haven’t been performing sufficient get it done recently both).

So it most likely happened just like the old-fashioned phonics centers a lot of with the first characters into the conditions, where in fact the page Y is short for a good consonant sound (but inside the conditions like “Yvette” and you will “yttrium”).

Near the top of all of this, there are loads of vowel songs spelt having one or two, three and you may five characters that contain “consonant emails”, generally the latest letters W, Y, Roentgen and you may L. Listed below are some advice:

This new page Y is in the ay for the “play”, the latest ey in “grey” and you will “valley”, this new oy during the “boy”, the ye in the bye, new y…e within the “type”, as well as the year from inside the “myrtle”. All characters representing new vowel voice on the term “myrrh” is allegedly “consonant emails”.

The fresh new letter H is also about ah in “galah”, new eh into the “meh”, the eah from inside the “yeah”, the new oh during the “John”, the ooh for the “pooh”, therefore the uh within the “duh”. If i can make they and you can see and you may learn it, it’s a bona fide phrase.

Thus, what is the difference between vowels and you may consonants?

Next time a student requires your and that emails was vowels and you will and that letters is actually consonants, is actually answering the following: